Covid-19 play safe guidance for players, parents and guardians

As before, we will be following the LTA and government guidance to enforce strict social distancing measures and hand hygiene at all times. Importantly, please keep a safe distance of 2 metres between each other.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our coaches and players.  We need players, parents and guardians to read and follow our guidelines.   

In line with new LTA advice (Version 2):

  • Coached sessions currently include 1:1 and 1:2 (in pairs). Small groups (1:3 and 1:4) are under review. Each new group will be risk assessed separately, by the coaches, prior to being allowed to start. In practice, groups of older children may be prioritised at this stage.
  • Parent or guardian attendance is limited to one person only per junior player, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the session. Parents will be asked to stay seated away from the court entrances and clubhouse door.
  • Only 6 people are allowed in the courtyard area at any one time. For this reason, groups of parents (and other children) cannot always be accommodated at present. Parents of older children may be asked to leave the club during the coaching session.
  • The Clubhouse is partially closed at present. The Clubhouse may only be used for a maximum of 10 minutes per person, including juniors, for essential activities such as handwashing and accessing toilet facilities downstairs. The first floor of the club is currently not in use.
  • In line with social distancing, please do not pass by people who may already be in the passage. If in doubt, the person(s) entering the club, from the street, has priority.
  • There will be a buffer period of 5 minutes between coaching sessions to allow players, parents and guardians to leave before the next player arrives.
  • All players and coaches, including juniors, should wash their hands (or use an alcohol gel) before and after a tennis session or if there is concern players may have touched a shared surface.
  • Players are advised to avoid touching their face and try not to touch any shared surfaces.
  • Coaches will clean and wipe down surfaces and limited equipment, including rackets, cones and tennis balls, which can be sprayed with disinfectant, at the end of each session.
  • Coaches will discourage racket sharing or use of communal rackets. If a racket is shared it will be thoroughly cleaned between uses.
  • Coaches will be on the other side of the net and maintain social distancing from the player at all times. Coaches will remind players about social distancing at the start of each session and before each new drill. Players will be advised not to run down balls to avoid breaking the 2m rule.
  • Coaches will use new or fresh balls, where possible, and consider using a small number of tennis balls during lessons. Coaches will be adapting the lesson to more live ball drills, (rather than basket feeding).
  • Only coaches will touch the balls and players are asked to avoid touching the balls. Adaptations to drills and feedback will be arranged to ensure social distancing is adhered to.
  • If players need to handle balls for the serving toss, they should bring their own clearly marked balls that only they touch.
  • Players are asked to use their racquet or foot to pick up balls and hit or kick them to your coach or return them to another court. Avoid using hands to pick up any balls which are not yours.
  • Once play has finished players, parents and guardians should leave the club promptly.
  • If a player becomes unwell after playing, they should first contact their GP and then inform the coach. If they develop symptoms of Covid-19 they will be directed to follow the Governments’ ‘test and trace’ guidelines

We will be reviewing our guidance constantly, in line with changing advice on the LTA website and with current and evolving Government advice. We will update players, parents and guardians accordingly. Be aware that this advice may change at very short notice and we may need to ring you before a session.

Please do stay safe and support each other, as much as possible, in these difficult times. Thank you for your support.

The Coaching Team

Download the guidance here