Version 8

20 December 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s address yesterday and further LTA and government guidance published today, we will be opening our club again tomorrow, Monday 21 December, to members for play only.  We are grateful to members for having been patient for a day while we digested the guidance and its implications for our club.

Evidence suggests that the new strand of virus is more infectious, which is cause for real concern and means that social distancing is critical, particularly as our outdoor space is severely limited. The overall message from yesterday’s announcements is clear: people living in London should reduce to the greatest possible extent contact with those outside their household. The contact should be as brief as possible and socially distanced. It is up to all of us to ensure that we return to tennis in a safe way.

Having considered the rules and guidance, strict social distancing measures must be adhered to as outlined below.

Please respect and follow these and we encourage members and coaches to call out people when social distancing is not being observed. Needless to say, people should be treated with the utmost of respect – we do not make the regulations but we do have to apply them.


Members can play tennis – singles only, or doubles with people from the same household, at a safe distance from others.

Pre book your court online and allow a buffer period between court bookings to allow players to leave before next players arrive.

Go straight to your court if it is free when you arrive, and do not spend unnecessary time in the courtyard area.

Coaching  in line with LTA guidance, coaching will be limited to one-to-one sessions except for under 18 coaching where numbers can be greaterAvoid touching your face and try not to touch any surfaces.

Keep a safe distance of 2 metres between each other, and consider wearing gloves or using your personal marked tennis balls when serving.

Do not to change ends during play and ensure that there is no physical contact at all between players.

Wash your hands before and after a tennis session, or use an alcohol gel.

Clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets, cones and tennis balls, which can be sprayed with disinfectant.

No racket sharing is allowed, or the use of communal rackets.

Use new balls, where possible, and a small number of balls for a lesson, New cans of balls are available on the bar with an “honesty book” for members to write down how many cans they have taken (£5 per can of balls).  Please make every effort to pay directly into our bank account when you take the balls.

Floodlights – Bags of 3 and 6 tokens will be made available to members to help avoid having to use the token machine inside the clubhouse. Please order at –  24 hour notice required. Please pay directly into our bank account and pick up in the clubhouse.  

Leave the club promptly once play has finished. Players should avoid spending any time in the courtyard area.

Guests are not permitted.


No extra-curricular or social activity may take place at the club, which means that the clubhouse is closed and may only be used for essential activities such as hand washing or accessing toilet facilities, first aid equipment, disinfectant and purchasing new balls.

Masks must be worn when entering the clubhouse and, there should be no more than ONE person in the clubhouse at any one time for a maximum of 5 minutes each.

For the purposes of Track-&-Trace, if you become unwell after playing you must contact your GP and then inform the club.

Guidance is under constant review so this advice may change at very short notice and should be checked ahead of every session.

Please do stay safe and support each other, as much as possible, in these continuing difficult and unprecedented times.

We look forward to seeing many of you soon. 

Best wishes
WGTC Tennis Continuity Group