28 March 2022  – Version 12


LTA advice to venues from 27/01/2022

The latest LTA advice is welcomed, but the virus remains a concern. We must continue to do our utmost to keep the club safe and apply common sense.

Please check for COVID 19 symptoms before attending any tennis activity and do not come to the club if you have any possible symptoms. If you become unwell after playing, please inform the club. We reserve the right to turn people with COVID19 symptoms away.


  • For everyone’s safety, if you have tested positive via LFT or PCR do not come to the club.
  • Face coverings are encouraged in communal areas but we are prepared to leave it to members to decide whether they wish to wear masks or not.
  • You should maintain 2-metre social distancing where possible, and practice good hand hygiene. Be aware that our space is limited both in the clubhouse and courtyard area.
  • The clubhouse is now open but if you attend a planned social event it is recommended that you do LFT test at home first.
  • To provide adequate ventilation, please open windows and doors and turn on the 2 air extractors when using the clubhouse – the switches for these are in the kitchen. Please tidy and clean the kitchen immediately after use.
  • All group social tennis will continue to be partially structured and planned in advance on Wednesday mornings and evenings and Friday mornings.
  • The changing rooms are now fully open to members.
  • Parents and guardians are still encouraged to drop juniors off at the gate and to wait outside in cars, as before.
  • Courts must be booked through the ClubSpark website as usual.
  • Members can now bring guests but must, before play, enter their name and details into Clubspark and pay the £5 guest fee at the till.